My Entry for The Refashioners 2017

This is my entry for this years refashioners competition! It wasn’t supposed to be so last minute. I actually started 2 weeks ago, but my first idea wasn’t working out as I had hoped. I had first planned on making a classic notched collar tailored jacket but after spending a day on a muslin for it I decided to go in another direction. For inspiration I looked up designs from one of my favourite designer Thom Browne, which often feature contrasting wool suiting fabrics, always in a very inspiring way.

I used Vogue pattern 8998 as a base for this dress. I then cut it into horizontal sections, varying from 2″ to 7″ wide. This made perfect use of the fabric since it was divided into so many small pieces. I found 3 perfectly coordinating used suit jackets from the local thrift store. Two were wool and one was cashmere. I wanted the dress to have quite a bit of body so it would stand away as it does, so I backed every single piece with organza, which is part of the reason my entry was so last minute. Hand basting around every piece took a couple nights alone!  I then covered the horizontal seams with bias tape I made from used men’s ties. I always have used ties in my stash for making bias binding. I learned this from the designer Koos Van Den Akker who often used ties in his work. And using men’s ties for this project was just too fitting!

This was such a fun project, I’m so glad I got to enter the competition this year! I loved seeing everyone else entries!

What I started with

A Lois Dress and a Knit Shawl

I was so excited when this pattern came out! Even though our summer is just ending here I had to make one up for the tale end of it! We actually just had a super late heat wave here. It’s the end of September and I was in the lake swimming at my cottage, it

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Lace Up Bodysuit

These past two weeks have been so beautiful here I couldn’t bring myself to stay inside! But I was itching to start sewing again and started with this fun project! I had seen so many versions of this lace up top on Pinterest, on celebs, everywhere! and I have been sick for one! Instead of

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Enjoying the Sun in my Bombshell Swimsuit

Sewing your own swimwear has gotten such a bad rap in the past. I remember when I first wanted to sew my own swimsuit when I was maybe 11 years old, everyone told me not to, that it was just too hard and that it would never turn out. I am so glad I never

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A Handmade Traveler for Mommy

Bag making is always so much fun! Especially because it doesn’t have to fit anybody! Usually I draft my own bag patterns but when I came across this pattern it was just too perfect to pass up. This is the Brooklyn Traveler pattern by Swoon Sewing Patterns. I was so glad I bought this pattern,

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Vogue 1489

I’ve had this pattern in my stash for a while and when I found this knit I thought of the pattern right away. And although it’s a bit fancy for my everyday lifestyle, I really like it! I made this dress using Vogue 1489 and I made it out of a really lightweight knit. At

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Pansy Boyfriend Jeans

We always grew pansies at our front door when I was a kid and it was just the perfect flower to embroider on these jeans! I kept seeing amazing embroidered jeans on Pinterest and I finally had to try to make a pair myself. I got an embroidery Klutz book one year for Christmas when

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My Favourite White Shirt

This is my very favourite cotton shirt pattern. I made it a while ago, but never posted about it. I’ve worn it all summer long for a couple of years now. I used the pattern Simplicity 3964, its one of the patterns from the Built By Wendy collection. I made it out of a stretch shirting cotton, it

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Upcycled Cashmere Sweater

This was such a fun project! I got totally obsessed with it and couldn’t work on anything else until it was done! It all started with a trip to my favourite thrift store with my mom and sister. My mom brought me over a sweater she thought I might like, it was a Saks Fifth

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Dear Winter

We recently got a taste of spring weather here, it was something like 7C for a few days and for a second I thought ‘are we getting an early spring??!!”. But of course my hopes were dashed when winter returned with -30C temperatures and a truckload more snow. I am actually ready for summer, I

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