Blue Ponte Knit Dress

My very first post! I am so excited to be starting this sewing blog, it has been something I wanted to do for a while now. For so many years I’ve loved reading many sewing blogs online and always wished I could share my sewing as well. This may be a bit ambitious, but I will try to post every second Sunday.

The Fall cold has finally come to Ontario, Canada. So this was my first Fall/Winter project! It was the perfect Summer to Fall transition piece! I made this dress using Vogue 1408 DKNY.

All of my best fabric finds come from local designers selling off some of their excess fabric! It is always fabrics that I could never find myself, and usually sold at lower than wholesale prices. I got this navy blue ponte knit from a designer who went out of business and was selling off a ton of textiles. I was so excited when it arrived, because they threw in all the end pieces too, since it was the very last of it! Which was perfect for this exact project with all the panels!!


I decided to make it out of all the same fabric instead of doing a contrast. With all the seams and slightly different grains of the fabric, it ended up looking like a really subtle two tone dress.

When I first started it, I was kinda thinking I could get away without lining it at all, and have it be a really comfy knit dress. Until I tried it on, and wow was it itchy! I should have known the wool would probably bother my skin, so I had no choice but to line it! But I still wanted it to be comfy and stretchy! I finally found a really stretchy poly crepe type fabric and so I decided not to add a zipper since it was stretchy enough to easily pull over my head.


I had trouble with the lining popping out around the armholes and neck, so I ended up stitching in the ditch on most seams. And even that wouldn’t hold down the lining at the back armhole, so I went inside and did a little hand stitch for a few inches invisibly between the lining and the self fabric, and that solved it!

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