My Nettie Bodysuit

I never knew what I was missing! Bodysuits are the best thing ever invented! I can’t stop making them!

I had my eye on the Nettie pattern for a while, but I just hate printing patterns at home. I finally bought it because I figured how many pages can one bodysuit pattern be. The pattern was completely worth it. I think Closet Case Files might be magical, she comes out with patterns that are really special, but at the same time easy for almost all home sewers to sew up really nicely. Even notoriously hard to sew things like swimsuits! And on top of that, her patterns are flattering on all body types and seem to fit everyone without much alteration! How does she do it?!? I am definitely going to download the Bombshell Swimsuit pattern next. I had my eye on it too for a long time, since I now know how amazing her patterns are, I will order it without a doubt.


This body suit is so comfortable and the cut is so flattering. I made it out of fabric I got almost 8 years ago on my very first trip to New York. I could never really decide what to make with it, but I knew it would eventually come to me…..8 years later. I chose the higher necklines, and I was going to leave out the crotch snaps, because I was getting too excited to finish it. Luckily I tried it on before putting the leg bands on, well really I attempted to get into it is more like it! I realized I couldn’t fit my hips through the higher version of the neckline! So I had to go back and add in the crotch snaps. I was glad I did because I think its my favourite one so far. I love how versatile these bodysuits are!


Bodysuits aren’t really as much of a hassle as people think, as long as they have the crotch snaps! Otherwise they are awful! I have this winter shorts romper and it drives me crazy! I basically have to get completely undressed to go to the bathroom!


I made a second version in this really stretchy knit. This one is super comfy as well! The only thing with this one is its a tiny bit see through. But I wear this one to sleep in mainly so thats alright!

I sewed most of the grey bodysuit on the serger, excluding the neck band and leg bands. I planned to do the same on the blue one, but for some reason my serger was hating the fabric. So I opted for a zigzag stitch on my sewing machine. For the finishing bands, I sewed them on using a slight zigzag stitch, then pressed them down and topstitched them using a double needle. Then I trimmed off the excess seam allowance really close to the stitching using appliqué scissors. This worked out really well and gave it a nice clean finish.

DSC_0161 DSC_0163 DSC_0164 (1)

I thought of using smaller snaps, but I worried they wouldn’t make it through all the layers.


I have so many more fabrics in mind for this pattern! I am thinking for my next version I will do it out of a black stretch velvet, in the dress view with a mini turtle neck.

I finally got the ironing set up of my dreams! I don’t know why I hesitated for so long because it was definitely worth it! It’s a Reliable professional steam iron paired with a vacuum board. The only problem is my cat has discovered the heated board and has claimed it! He’s just a warm blob that won’t move no matter what I do! It reminds me of this one year we got the fireplace fixed and me and Prince just lived in front if it, too warm to move, for about a month before it broke again. We were very upset but really, if it hadn’t of broken, we would still probably be there 2 years later now!


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