Silk Slip – Vogue 8888

This is a bias slip dress I made for my mom. I’ve always sort of shied away from bias projects, they just seemed a bit daunting. I worked on a few at work recently and finally got up the courage to try one on my own! Me and my mom are wayyyy different sizes but that’s the beauty of bias! It just stretches to fit!


When this pattern first came out I didn’t really take a second look at it. I liked the housecoat but thought I would probably never make it. Then looking through old vogue pattern magazine articles I came across this slip dress. I fell in love. I thought to myself “how did I ever miss this slip pattern!!” I was so surprised to find out it was Vogue 8888. I find it just looks so different with the minor changes mentioned in the magazine article.


I want to make one for myself now, I think I would still make it in a size up and maybe two sizes up in the hip. I thought this project was going to take a really long time but it was surprisingly quick and actually pretty easy! I was worried about fit so I tried it on my mom with just the side seams basted together and it fit perfect with no alterations!


I used brown silk charmeuse from The Fabric Room, and black stretch lace trim from Fabricland. I haven’t hemmed the slip yet, when I do the final fitting on my mom I will even out the hem and add the lace trim. It’s been hanging in my studio for a week now and the hem is actually pretty even on the Judy. With bias cut garments its often necessary to even out the hem after letting it hang for at least a few days.  **Update: I tried it on my mom and the hem did need some evening out but it wasn’t too drastic.


My lace trim was only 2″ wide, whereas the article called for 3″ wide trim. It didnt make much of a difference until I was laying the trim on the skirt front. If I laid it centred on the diagonal seam, the lace didn’t meet at the centre where it joins to the bodice. I thought it looked a bit odd, so I just moved the lace over toward the inside of the seam, so they would meet at the top and the seam was still covered.


I really love the way it turned out! I am really impressed with the quality and fit of this pattern. I know bias cut patterns can be kind of tricky to perfect. I think the elastic lace trim made it really easy to fit, since you could pull it a bit wherever it needed to be a bit more snug.

slip2 slip1

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