My New Venture & a Pretty Summer Dress

Welcome to my new blog! You may have followed me here from my previous blog That Crazy Stitch. This is my new official website. I am starting a new venture as an independent sewing pattern designer! I am currently working on my first pattern and I hope to share it with you guys soon. Home sewing seems to have a skipped a generation and re-emerged online in a really exciting new way and I can’t wait to be a part of it. I love to sew other patterns as much as I love to design my own. I will continue to post my sewing projects on this blog as I did on the last, and I will also post tips and tricks as well as notes on my future patterns.

I made this dress little while ago and I’ve been saving it for my very first post on the new website. This is a Kathryn Brenne Original Vogue pattern 9168. If you don’t already know, I work as Kathryn’s assistant, and while we were working on this design at the studio, it took forever to get it just right. So when I picked up my fabric to make one for myself, I was preparing myself for a really long involved sewing project, but it was surprisingly quick to sew up! I guess since all the kinks were ironed out before it went to print, it was just smooth sailing the whole way!


I read a review of this pattern before I started it, saying the skirt was wrongly printed with a ‘cut on fold’ marking, I bought my pattern not long after that and it was already rectified on my copy. We posted some tips for sewing up this design on The Academy of Fine Sewing and Design website which are quite useful. Although the dress is a pretty simple design, all the fine finishings really make the garment special.


This dress is impossible not to spin in! As soon as you put it on it demands to be spun in! I like how light and floaty the dress is, and I think it could work for formal dress or just a day dress as well. I chose to make a different slip to go under this dress. Since I wanted to wear it more as a day dress, I made a jersey body-con type slip to go underneath. I used Closet Case Files Nettie bodysuit pattern in the dress view and just re-drafted the neckline to have spaghetti straps.

me flower gif

I found this fabric at Fabricland for 4$! Thats the great thing about styles of dresses like this, theres so many beautiful polyester chiffons and georgette’s that are really inexpensive and turn out just as nice as some more expensive textiles. And they are super easy to wash and care for, not to mention they wear like steel!


When I was sewing the skirt side seams, I notice that one side stretched almost like a bias seam would, but the other side didn’t stretch at all. This was just because of the way the skirt is cut to hang perfectly as it does, but it makes one side a bit shorter than the other after the seam has stretched. Since this skirt hangs on the bias the hem inevitably goes all over the place depending on your fabric, so regardless it needs to be evened out. But I might add a bit of extra length to the hem, because I had just enough to hem it to the length I wanted, but an inch or so extra would have been handy.


I decided not to make the belt for now, I am waiting to go down to Toronto to pick up some leather to make a leather belt instead of a fabric one. I thought a skinny purple or brown suede belt would be really pretty for this dress. And it’s totally wearable without a belt too.


I am really happy with the way it turned out and I can’t wait to wear it somewhere other than my backyard! Thanks for reading 🙂


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