Swimsuits and Summer

I’ve always had a slight obsession with swimsuits. I started this swimsuit right before I saw the Sophie swimsuit pattern come out! I always wanted a swimsuit of this style but I could never find a pattern, and I never really wanted to tackled the bra cup portion of it without a starting point. I briefly thought of abandoning this one and buying the pattern, but this one was working out really well so I continued, while envying all the amazing Sophie makes as I sewed. I can always make another swimsuit right? or 10 more…


I am really glad I didn’t restart because I’m so happy with the end result! I pieced this pattern together with various things. I started with tracing out my favourite swim bottoms, then combined that with the Boylston bra pattern from Orange Lingerie. And I compared the pattern to a few others to make sure I was getting the proportions right. I loved the Boylston bra pattern, but I did have trouble finding my size. I usually wear a 34B, but that was way too small for me on this pattern. I ended up making a 34C, but if I made it again I might even make a 36C or 34D. All in all this one fits pretty well! I think part of the issue too was finding good underwires. There really aren’t good resources for that kind of thing here and it does take a bit of experimenting.


I decided to line the whole thing, so its pretty thick, almost like a wet suit! The only issue is that it’s almost impossible to get on!!! It’s basically like doing up the back of your bra and then trying to shimmy it on legs first! But I didn’t want to ruin the smooth back so I just put up with it.


Me and my sister went hiking on the last day of my holidays and we found this amazing lake! It was basically a private lake, in the middle of nowhere with only one cottage way on the other end. We thought the mosquito season was mostly over so neither of us wore any bug spray, but little did we know this area was known for having some of the worst mosquitos! So I wasn’t so much hiking as I was literally running through the trails with my arms batting the bugs away from my face! Luckily, once we got to the lake the pests cleared.

IMG_4757  IMG_4702


I’ve been out relaxing at my beautiful cottage for my holidays. My family cottage is honestly kind of amazing, with only a few other cottages on the entire lake, but it has no electricity, or plumbing, or basically anything else! So I love it for a few days but then I’m anxious to get home and start sewing again!

DSC_0234 DSC_0246 DSC_0204

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