Drape Drape & Fur

I recently had a bit of holidays and I was really excited to use the time to sew for myself! I spent some of the time out at my cottage, which has no electricity so I couldn’t really sew much there. I made this dress using pattern #16 from the original Drape Drape pattern book. Most of the designs in this book are meant for knit fabric but this one didn’t seem to need stretch, so I chose a satin fabric.


I’ve made a few garments from these books, I have three of the books and I’m dying for the fourth. I find it kind of hard to figure out my size in theses books, I measure bigger than the largest size, yet I’ve made a few garments in the large and they’ve been too big. This pattern seemed pretty true to size. I really love the instructional pictures in these books. I tend not to read any text with instructions anyways, I mostly just go by the illustration.

And is it just me, or do none of the little circle markings ever match up on the patterns?!? Most of the pattern pieces are too big to be printed, so you have to trace out two or three parts and tape them together. They have these little half circle markings that are meant to be matched up I’m assuming, yet they never match, not even close. It doesn’t really matter though, because the pieces fit together perfectly, its just those circles that are way off. I was just wondering if anyone knew what was going on with that? or has wondered the same thing.

I made up the body of the dress, then made the sleeves, and was about to set them into the garment, when I looked at them again and thought they looked pretty tiny. So I tried them on and wow, they were super tight! Which is weird because my arms aren’t usually a fitting issue! I liked the original sleeve pattern but not particularly on this design, so I drafted my own sleeves instead.


I used a tracing wheel and chalk paper to lightly trace on the pleat fold lines, then I thread traced them since the chalk comes off really easily. Then I thread traced the pleats closed and pressed them. Once all the seams were sewn I took out all the basting thread, and I lightly pressed the pleats again.


I was channeling Rihanna in my pictures, I love how she accessories a lot of her outfits with fur lately! I found this old tattered suede coat at a thrift store a couple years ago, and it had this huge long fur collar attached. The fur was in perfect condition, so I just unpicked it from the coat. It has an orange lining in it right now, but I thought it might be nice to change it to a cream coloured lining. And I was really lucky the fur didn’t smell at all. Ive bought fur at thrift stores before and I find a lot of them have a really strong perfume scent from previous owners.

I also kind of wanted to dye the fur a fun colour! I looked up a few how-to’s on how to dye fur but none of the results where quite what I was looking for. Has anyone else tried this? I’d love to know!



Thanks for reading, hope you had a beautiful weekend! 🙂

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  • Love it! I have tried several garments from these books with no success. I have searched for others who have made them. Thanks for sharing your find and your experience with these types of patterns!