Cardamome Dress

Happy thanksgiving for those of you in Canada! It was such a beautiful long weekend here! We have had the weirdest fall so far, just last Thursday it was 28C and Friday it dropped back down to what it usually is this time of year which is around 8C. Goodbye summer, hello unimaginably long winter 🙁

Although I’m sad to see summer go, I do really love the change of seasons. I always get so inspired, and start planning my seasons sewing projects! I started with the Cardamome dress pattern from Deer & Doe. This was my first time using a Deer & Doe pattern and it was really lovely!


I was really pleasantly surprised with the collar, I often tweak collar patterns quite a bit but this one I left just the way it was and it rolled perfectly!

When it came to doing the rows of smocking, I did them differently than the pattern called for. I wound a bobbin with elastic thread by hand. Then I used it just as a normal bobbin in my sewing machine. I lengthened the stitch length slightly because once the elastic pulls up the stitches look shorter. Then I chalked the smocking lines onto the right side of the garment and stitched along the chalk lines. It all pulls up perfectly evenly and you don’t have to worry about pulling it too tight or too loose. And you end up with a straight stitches on the right side rather than a zigzag. It’s a great technique that I find way easier than other methods. There’s a great article that explains it on Emma One Socks website.

dsc_0055 dsc_0116-copydsc_0050


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