Second Cardamome Dress

I loved my first Cardamome Dress so much I had to make another! I made a few changes to the pattern and it really changed the whole look of the dress.

I have been very busy finalizing my very first pattern! The free pattern will be released very soon so keep an eye out!


This pattern if from Deer&Doe, the same dress pattern from my last post. After I made the first dress I had this idea to add the ruffle around the yoke, after seeing a similar trend on Pinterest.

Pattern Changes:

  1. I changed the front yoke piece to be cut on the fold, getting rid of the front placket and collar. I then added a seam allowance to the back yoke, where I added in a zipper closure.
  2. I shortened the sleeves to above the placket, and made them just a basic straight sleeve. I took in the sleeves and a bit under the arm tapering out to nothing at the waist, since I was working in a knit, I didn’t need so much room at the underarm. (The sleeves were such a challenge. First I wanted a short puff sleeve, but after trying several times, trying different fullness and length, it just didn’t suit the finished design. I ended up with a basic 3/4 length sleeve)
  3.  I taped the pocket pattern piece to the skirt, and cut as one, excluding the pocket from the design.
  4. I shortened the skirt a bit.
  5. I cut a long strip of fabric and hemmed it. Then I gathered in onto the dress, catching it between the yoke and the bodice of the dress, creating the ruffle.
  6. I then lined the bodice and sleeves of the dress. Originally I had just planned to add in a lining/facing that would cover the yoke, but my fabric was so picky! I normally wouldn’t line the sleeves but I couldn’t stand the scratchiness of the fabric.

I wanted to preserve the silhouette of the original design, while making it look like a completely different dress. I used a pretty sturdy knit fabric, it didn’t have much stretch so it was easy to adapt the design.

dsc_0125-copy dsc_0240-copy dsc_0150-copy dsc_0155-copy

Thanks for reading, hope you had a nice weekend!

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