In Love with my Ginger Jeans

I finally did it! I’ve finally sewn myself a pair of jeans! I always said I never would. When I was taking sewing lessons as a kid my teacher would always say ‘just don’t, they never work out’ and she really wasn’t kidding, so many kids made awful, ill-fitting jeans. I don’t wear pants or jeans much, I mostly just wear dresses, but jeans seem to be making a big comeback and I just had to try it! For these jeans I used the Ginger jeans pattern from Closet Case Files.

dsc_0226 dsc_0209dsc_0200 My favourite pair of cords had ‘Lucky You” embroidered on the fly shield and I always thought it was so silly, I had to add it to my jeans! That’s whats so great about sewing your own clothes, you can personalize it in secret little ways!


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  • Really cool looking jeans! I love the fit you got! I have this pattern but have yet to make them… So I think I will pull out my pattern and give it a try. Thanks for the review! (And I love your little secret personalization too, LOL!)