Dear Winter

We recently got a taste of spring weather here, it was something like 7C for a few days and for a second I thought ‘are we getting an early spring??!!”. But of course my hopes were dashed when winter returned with -30C temperatures and a truckload more snow. I am actually ready for summer, I don’t even need spring, we can just skip over it. I really had to brave the cold to take these pictures, and trudge through a couple feet of snow in the backyard, but worth it for better lighting! 😛

I made this dress using the Anne Klein Vogue pattern #1500. I loved this pattern as soon as it came out. I’m not sure if it was supposed to be, but I felt it was really military inspired with all the buttons and pocket flaps. I made this dress out of a really pretty wool ponte knit that I’ve used before. I got this fabric from The Fabric Room in Toronto. They have really beautiful fabric and everything is sold by the piece, so there could be 2m or 200m. I had ordered a piece of this fabric, and they found a bunch of end pieces of it, all just under a meter long. So they threw them all in for free for me! Which was incredible since its such beautiful fabric! I just had to be a bit creative with finding the right garments to make out of it, since I couldn’t make anything that required a pattern piece that was longer than 1m. This dress was perfect except for the long facing piece, I had to piece it.

I did a hong kong finish on the inside of this dress, using some cotton silk scraps I had. I thought the pocket flaps would be a bit tricky to get really nice, but they were surprisingly easy and ended up looking great in the ponte knit! I didn’t make any changes to this pattern, other than shortening it a few inches at the hem and I shaped the darts a bit on the skirt back for a better fit on me.

I am also wearing my new hat I made using Kathryn Brenne Original Vogue pattern #9235. This was such a fun little project, it sewed up really quick and easy. And I thought it looked just perfect with this dress!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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