Vogue 1489

I’ve had this pattern in my stash for a while and when I found this knit I thought of the pattern right away. And although it’s a bit fancy for my everyday lifestyle, I really like it!

I made this dress using Vogue 1489 and I made it out of a really lightweight knit. At first glance of this pattern I thought it would be quite involved, but really its just a sort of wrap dress. I like the way it turned out, I feel sort of greek-goddess-y in it! The only thing is that the back waist elastic isn’t really enough to hold the dress at my waist, I think in the pattern they have you make a lining and tack the waist to it, so that would fix that issue, but since I omitted the lining I pulled the inner ties all the way around my waist to support the weight of the skirt instead. In retrospect I think this dress really does need a lining, just to hold everything in the right place. I thought this pattern was really unique and had a really interesting silhouette.

I think it would also be really pretty out of a semi sheer georgette too, and although it calls for only stretch fabrics I don’t really think its totally necessary for this pattern.

Thanks for reading! Have a great week! 🙂
vogue 1489 - Mousseline Patterns Blogvogue 1489 - Mousseline Patterns Blogvogue 1489 - Mousseline Patterns Blogvogue 1489 - Mousseline Patterns Blog





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  • This looks serious stunning on you, like a ’30s movie star. You really should add the lining so you can wear it a lot, and do plan to make it again. It’s a fabulous, unique style that will never go out of fashion and looks amazing on you. With your fair colouring, it would look equally terrific in white. Thanks for posting your review on PR so that we could all share your success.

    • Thank you so much Moushka for such a kind comment! Making it in white is a fabulous idea, I wear a lot of white in the summers. And thanks for the encouragement to go back and add a lining, I always need a kick in the butt to go back and fix something! 😛

  • The dress looks beautiful on you. i agree a lining is in order but you wear it well w/o and i love your choice of color and fabric. you made it very true to the design. i’m gonna make it too as it’s a wonderfully modern, kinda funky design and really looks great. i’m gonna make it in a gauze lined with silk voile. thanks for the inspiration.