Lace Up Bodysuit

These past two weeks have been so beautiful here I couldn’t bring myself to stay inside! But I was itching to start sewing again and started with this fun project! I had seen so many versions of this lace up top on Pinterest, on celebs, everywhere! and I have been sick for one! Instead of buying one, why not make one right??

I started with the Nettie Bodysuit pattern as a base, but I’m sure you could could make this alteration to just about any other bodysuit pattern, the Nettie is just my personal favourite 🙂. I’ve made several before, so I already knew I loved the fit, and the only alteration would really be the neckline. If you’d like to know how I did it, I’ve listed a few steps.

  • I cut the pattern with the highest neckline, front and back. I also thread traced a line down centre front as a guideline for later.
  • I then sewed up the bodysuit like normal, just leaving the neck edge unfinished. I tried it on, and roughly marked with pins where are I wanted the neckline to be cut. Next, I folded the bodysuit in half along the thread basting (CF), and trued a straight line from the upper neck edge down to the bottom of the V and cut it away.
  • I then measured my new neckline, and divided that measurement by 1.2, which gave me the new measurement for the neck band. I cut this band a bit longer, just to make sure I had enough to overlap it at the bottom of the V. I left the neck band aside for the time being.
  • For the loops, I cut a long strip of fabric 1″ wide, folded it in half, and stitched it at 1/4″. I then trimmed the seam allowances down and pulled it through and cut it into 1.5″ lengths x 14.
  • I then tried on the bodysuit once more (the V looked crazy wide, but once I finished it got pulled in quite a bit), this time I marked where I wanted the top loop to be. From there I added 6 more loops, 7 in total on each side.
  • I pinned these in place, and pinned the neck band overtop and stitched it. Next I topstitched it all down with a double needle to keep it flat, and trimmed any excess seam allowance down to almost nothing.
  • To make the tie, I just cut a strip of fabric 1″ wide and pulled it tight and steamed it while stretching it out, making it roll in on itself.
  • For the sleeve hems I chose to leave them as raw edges since the fabric rolled in nicely.

And voila! A lace up bodysuit ready for a night out!

Mousseline Patterns - Nettie Hack

Mousseline Patterns - Nettie Hack

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