A Lois Dress and a Knit Shawl

I was so excited when this pattern came out! Even though our summer is just ending here I had to make one up for the tale end of it!

We actually just had a super late heat wave here. It’s the end of September and I was in the lake swimming at my cottage, it was just crazy. But alas, the cold weather settled in quickly over night and just like that it feels like fall again. It went from an extreme heat warning to a frost warning within two days! But that’s alright because I think this dress would look great with tights too!

The dress is made out of a poly chiffon from Fabricland, and lined in a black poly. I struggled with how to use this fabric, since it was too see-through on it’s own, and it looked really flat against a black lining. I thought to line it in the same chiffon fabric, but that was still a bit too see-through. So I finally decided to use two layers of the chiffon, and line it in black as well. This gave it much more depth, I like the way you can see shadows of the print underneath the first layer. Even though it was finicky working with the extra layer it was definitely worth it. I basted all the layers together as one for the most part, other than the side seams of the skirt which I seamed seperatly.

I originally cut the size 12, even though I measured somewhere between a 10 and a 12. It looked really sloppy and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it for a while, and I ended up taking in the side seams and taking the shoulders up a bit, which fixed everything and basically resulted in making the size 10. So next time I will just make the size 10 and I think it should fit perfectly. I also chose to omit the sleeve bands. I really loved the way the bodice side seams ended in the skirts darts, and it made it really easy to put in the invisible zipper.

I made this shawl earlier in the summer, it was the perfect project to work on while I was out at my cottage. Some students at the sewing studio I work at generously gave me a gift certificate to the local yarn store and I practically ran straight out of work to go buy myself the yarn for this shawl! πŸ˜€

This is the Cheyenne shawl pattern from the book Cozy Stash Busting Knits, which I was lucky enough to find at my local library. I had never made a shawl before but I can definitely understand the appeal now, it was a lot of fun, and a pretty easy knit. I’ve never worn a shawl but I will have to find more reasons to now. πŸ˜›




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