Hi! My name is Malia and I  have a passion for sewing. It all started when I wanted to sew more fashionable clothes for my Barbies, but it seemed like I was the only one who’s grandma didn’t have a sewing machine to pass down.  So my mom put me in sewing lessons. When I outgrew those I found an amazing teacher and mentor who I studied with for 10 years and have now been an employee for 2 years. I graduated from the Fashion Design program at Ryerson University and I placed in the top ten of the graduating class. I love to design sewing patterns and the recent emergence of so many amazing independent pattern designers has been so exciting. I can’t wait to be a part of it!

I work from home in North Bay, a small town in Ontario, Canada. Growing up here I couldn’t wait to leave and go off to University in Toronto. Yet after University I found myself back in North Bay and appreciating it with new eyes. It’s sort of the perfect place, far enough away to be a quiet little town but in the centre between both Toronto and Ottawa, and New York is only an hour flight from Toronto!

I have learnt so much about sewing so far and I continue to learn. I hope to pass on some of my knowledge because I feel so lucky to have received it.